10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Amid the Gloom, U.S. Economy Quietly Improves (The Daily Beast)
• Reading Fiction Will Make You a Better Investor (Interloping)
• Where Is the Volcker Rule? (Economix) see also SEC Cops Want to Fight U.S. Judge (WSJ)
• Iraq war ends with a $4 trillion IOU (Marketwatch)
• Banks See Their Footprint Downsized in 2011 (Yahoo Finance) see also Europe Strains World’s Banks (WSJ)
• U.S. Shoppers Foot Bill for Soaring Pay in China (WSJ)
• Interview – MIT’s Daron Acemoglu on Inequality (The Browser)
• A Never Before Seen Optical Trick Creates Ultra-Secure Cash (Fast Company)
• The Post Office as State-Business Hybrid (Common Place)
• The disappearance of the elephant caused the rise of modern man 400,000 years ago (Physorg)

What are you reading?

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