10 Friday AM Reads

Last reads of the week:

• An investor’s worst enemy? Their brain (The Globe and Mail)
• The 2012 Stock Rally Has Erased Bearish Sentiment (WSJ) see also ‘Bailout Nation’ Author Says Correlation Killing Volumes (Traders Magazine)
• Fighting Bernanke Hazardous in Gundlach View of Housing Market (Bloomberg)
Josh Brown: Perhaps I’ve Been a Bit Too Harsh with Wire Houses … (WSJ)
• Banks Face Bind Over Cash Pile (WSJ) see also Europe could learn from US debt scramble (FT.com)
• In Punishing Year for Hedge Funds, Biggest One Thrived (DealBook)
• GM was the “good” bailout: Jobs, Jobs and Cars (NYT)
• Pic reunites Monty Python members (Variety)
• Supply-side economics at core of Gingrich plan (Washington Post)
• Apple and Google as Creative Archetypes (NYT)

What are you doing this weekend?


Source: WSJ

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