10 Mid-Week PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• The Mystery of Closed-End Fund Discounts (Smart Money)
This is Tim: Apple’s CEO in his own words (Macworld)
• WTF headline of the day: Billionaires at Davos Bemoan Inequalities (Bloomberg) see also Davos Man Diminished by Scandal With Murdoch Perennials Missing (Bloomberg)
• Will Emerging Markets Fall in 2012? (Jeff Frankel)
Fascinating history: How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism (Bloomberg)
Hi-larious! GREETINGS FROM DAVOS!!! (The Reformed Broker) see also Davos dodges the future of capitalism (Reuters)
• A Way to Make People Buy Homes Again (NYT) Lower prices?
• Carried Interest Debate Gains Momentum With Romney’s Income-Tax Disclosure (Bloomberg) see also Mitt Romney Is in the Top 0.0025% (WSJ)
• Fumblerules of Grammar (Lists Of Note)
• How Do We Identify Good Ideas? (Wired)

What’s on your iOS device?


Gee, Why a Congressional Approval Rating of 9%?

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