CNBC: Best Alternative Financial Blogs

Nice list from CNBC’s NetNet

Here’s my mention:

Barry Ritholtz is another “old school” financial blogger. Often cranky, often funny, and always informative. Stop by daily for the 10 a.m. ET read

Here is the full list:

1. DealBreaker
2. Business Insider
3. Zero Hedge
4. The Money Illusion
5. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis
6. Credit Writedowns
7. Of Two Minds
8. Naked Capitalism
9. The Big Picture
10. Calculated Risk
11. The Reformed Broker
12. The Epicurean Dealmaker
13. Pragmatic Capitalism
14. Economonitor’s Edward Hugh
15. Ludwig von Mises Institute
16. Minyanville
17. TheMoneyIllusion
18. Abnormal Returns
19. Distressed Debt Investing

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