10 Monday Afternoon Reads

Some reads for the holiday:

• U.S. manufacturing sees shortage of skilled factory workers (Washington Post) see also Can Obama’s Manufacturing Initiative Really Work? (Fiscal Times)
• San Francisco Foreclosure Audit Elicits Predictable Responses from Securitization Mess Deniers (Naked Capitalism)
• Felix Zulauf: Why You Need to Own Physical Gold (Financial Sense) see also Central Bankers Rub Gold Bugs the Right Way (WSJ)
• The Internet is a Major Driver of the Growth of Cognitive Inequality (MoJo)
• After Bailout of Auto Industry, Detroit Fallout Trails Romney (NYT) see also Two Charts That Should Terrify Republicans (TPM)
• Iron Lady Merkel Bucks German Street on Greek Aid (Bloomberg)
• John Galt Is A Crybaby And So Are You (Campaign For America’s Future)
• Modern Monetary Theory, an unconventional take on economic strategy (Washington Post)
• Economics Made Easy: Think Friction (NYT)
• Why Jews Don’t Farm (The Big Questions)

What are you reading?


Is that what they think of us?: The World According to Americans

Source: The Guardian

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