Two-for-Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Americans Gaining Energy Independence With U.S. Emerging as No. 1 Producer (Bloombergsee also Messages show conflict within NRC after Japan earthquake and tsunami (Washington Post)
Advice for Advisors: Stop Talking and Start Listening! (Financial Sense) see also Mastering the Mad Scramble for New Clients (Registered Rep)
• Target at Post-Bailout GM: Earning $10 Billion a Year (WSJ) see also Bush Tells Dealers He Avoided ‘Gamble’ in Bail Out (Bloomberg)
• Bernanke: Fed Policy’s Encouragement of Risk Is by Design (Real Time Economics) see also Investors Place Their Money on Fed (WSJ)
• Is Facebook accurately counting its daily active users? (CNet) see also Facebook “Jumps the Shark” Interview with Michael Whalen (IRA Analyst)
• MF Trustee Traced $105B in Cash Movement (Bloomberg) see also Challenges for MF Trustee (WSJ)
Bartlett: Tilting the Budget Process to the G.O.P. (Economixsee also The Business Cycle Throws The GOP A Curveball (Forbes)
• Beast With Four Tails: Milky Way Devouring Neighboring Dwarf Galaxies (Science Daily) see also Galaxy Hosts 100 Billion Planets, in New Estimate (WSJ)
• Romney Finding Support Where Women Hold Sway (WSJ) but see Are Republicans About To Commit Medicare Suicide? (TPM)
• Truth, lies and Afghanistan (Armed Forces Journal) see also What goes on in the mind of a sniper? (BBC News)

What are you reading?


Dollar’s China Conundrum


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