Jellyfish Population Blooms?

Anecdotal evidence of enormous Jellyfish population blooms are raising questions: Are we seeing the population suddenly boom?

From Futurity, we learn that these “blooms” are a regular phenomena, and so far, the evidence is that worldwide population is fairly stable.

But to make sure, a group of Jellyfish experts are forming a global database — the Jellyfish Database Initiative (JEDI) — to be used track over 500,000 data points about global jellyfish populations. The goal is to determine if data can confirm if the current blooms are shifting from historical norms. JEDI (heh heh) will be a repository for datasets so that the issue of jellyfish blooms can be continually monitored in the future.


Giant jellyfish clogging fishing nets in Japan


Experts question: Jellyfish really on the rise?
George Foulsham-UC Santa Barbara February 2, 2012


Rob Condon, a marine scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama, discusses a new study that examines changes in jellyfish populations worldwide.


Global Experts Question Claims About Jellyfish Populations —- Are Jellyfish Increasing in the World’s Oceans?
Come dive with jellyfish

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