Weekend Reads

I am off for my vacation — but before I go, here are some articles for your weekend reading pleasure:

• Wall Street steps in when Ivy League fails (Washington Post)
• What’s New? Exuberance for Novelty Has Benefits (NYT)
• Ritholtz Has the Main Theme Right, But Gets a Few Specifics Wrong About MF Global (Jesse’s Café Américain)
• What We Owe to Each Other, Part I (Boston Review), Part II (Boston Review)
• Global Business Elite Go Marxist at Davos! (The Nation)
• Romney & Paul: Amid Rivalry, Friendship Blossoms on the Campaign Trail (NYT)
• Da Vinci’s Ghost: How The Vitruvian Man Came To Be (Brain Pickings)
• Anatomy of an unsafe abortion (Dr. Jen Gunter) see also Imagine if all the money spent fighting about abortion… (Dr. Jen Gunter)
• The IPO of the decade? My valuation of Facebook (Musings on Markets)

What are you reading?

Quitting while they’re behind: Why hedge funds are throwing in the towel

Source: The Economist

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