10 Amazingly “Apple Free” Linkfest

I sat through multiple live blahgs about the new iPad, tweeted lots of funny things about it, and posted Apple by the numbers. I am kinda Appled and iPadded out.

Here is my afternoon train reading, blessedly Apple free:

• How Keynes overwhelmed Hayek (Times Literary Supplement)
• Shale gas and oil will add $5 billion to Ohio’s economy by 2014 (Cleveland.com)
• The 1% Captures Most Growth From Recovery (WSJ) see also Shiller: Don’t Resent the Rich; Fix the Tax Code (Part 3) (Bloomberg)
• Why incompetent people are too incompetent to know they’re incompetent (The Star)
• Seeding the Next Fortunes (Barron’s)
• The Original GM Bailout (Echos) see also Reflections on the crisis, thus far… (Alphaville)
• How Lenny Dykstra Got Nailed (SI Vault)
• Sometimes, Microsoft Designs Great Things. Here’s Why It Doesn’t Ever Matter (Fast CoDesign)
• Can you build a human body? (BBC) see also First life: The search for the first replicator (New Scientist)
• Philip K. Dick: The Exegete (LA Review of Books )

What are you reading?

If the Sweet 16 Were More Like Presidential Primaries

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