10 Mid-Week PM Reads

Afternoon Train Reading:

• The Secret Madoff Prison Letters (Forbes)
• Chinese Dream Turning Sour? (The Diplomat) see also Record China Bank Profits to Be Overshadowed by Bad Loans (Bloomberg)
• Oil Under Our Noses (NYT)
• Under Japanese model, repealing disclosure laws seems reasonable (Trust Your Instincts)
• Trade Deals: Backdoor Financial Deregulation (Huff Post) see also A ‘Corzine Rule’ for Funds (WSJ)
• Don’t be fooled by the money illusion (Market Watch)
• JPMorgan Employees Join Goldman Sachs Among Top Obama Donors (Bloomberg)
• Loopholes for Sale: Campaign Contributions by Corporate Tax Dodgers (Citizens for Tax Justice) see also Diffusing the Power of Lobbyists’ “Legislative Subsidy” on Congress (New Deal)
• How I Created an iPad Archive of the Entire Run of Spy Magazine (The Funny Years) in Two Hours (Andrew Hearst)
• Top 10 reasons why Darth Vader was an amazing project manager (Geek Wire)

What are you reading?

Seeking Apple Hints In Microsoft’s Past

Source: WSJ

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