10 Monday AM Reads

My reads to start the week off:

• Election Year Poses Challenge for Stocks (WSJ) see also Choose Your Own Adventure: SPX 2013 (Dynamic Hedge)
• Why fringe markets may beat Silicon Valley (at least for investors) (Next Web)
• The brain science behind economics (LA Times) see also Virtuous Behaviors Sanction Later Sins (Scientific American)
• 35 Years of Buffett’s Greatest Investing Wisdom (Motley Fool)
Shiller: Economist who foresaw bubbles still likes stocks (USA Today)
• DOJ casts wide net with mortgage subpoenas (Reuters)
• Baltic Dry Index on Course for Lowest Monthly Average Since 1986 (Businessweek)
• Credit Update – There’s Life After Default (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• The Big Reveal: Why does the Bible end that way? (New Yorker)
• 9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs (Cracked)

What are you reading?


Oil Gives Economy Both Barrels

Source: WSJ

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