10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Class Dunce Passes Fed’s Stress Test Without a Sweat (Bloomberg)
• The Neuroeconomics Revolution (Project Syndicate) see also Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence (NYT)
• Standing By the Bankers, Right or Wrong (NYT) see also Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent (Rolling Stone)
• Damning the Demimonde: Thomas Frank Versus the Oligarchs’ Enablers (Jesse’s Café Américain)
• Groupthink:Why Brainstorming Doesnt Reall Work (New Yorker)
• Apple as hegemonic swarm (Ultimi Barbarorum)
• Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? (Rutgers Mat Dept)
• Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years (Rolling Stonesee also ‘Mediscare,’ Republican style (Washington Post)
• FiveBooks Interviews -Andy Borowitz on Comic Writing (The Browser)
• How to have a conversation (FT.com)

What are you reading?


A Threat to Treasurys’ Flight

Source: WSJ

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