10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• How Wall Street exploits individual investors (CBS News) see also You are not all that unique an investor (Abnormal Returns)
• How the German Economy Became a Model (Spiegel Online)
• Chinese Economy Already in ‘Hard Landing,’ JPMorgan’s Mowat Says (Bloomberg)
• Behind the Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Datsun (Businessweek)
• Nickeled and Dimed: Would the US save money by switching to a cashless economy? (Slate)
• The rich versus the seething masses (Reuters)
• London thinktank has already lofted a fleet of swarming file-sharing drones (BoingBoing)
• Word for Word: Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (Lapham’s Quarterly)
• iPhone 5 Release Date 2012: Apple Orders 4.6-Inch Screens For Second-Quarter Launch (International Business Times) see also BlackBerry Loses Top Spot to Apple at Home: Corporate Canada (Bloomberg)
• Why being relaxed makes us spend too much money (Wired)

What are you reading?

Tech Firms Go Far and Wide for Space

Source: WSJ

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