Good is Bad (for RIMM). Thomson Reuters.

A couple of quick business-related observations from my time away on vacation:

Good — specifically Good for Enterprise — may well be the coup de grâce to a weakened and reeling RIMM.  You’ll forgive me if I’m late to the party here, but I was only recently able to avail myself of the Good app for the iPhone — and immediately ditched my Blackberry.  I had been a very reluctant two device carrier — a Blackberry for business and initially an Android device for personal use, replaced by an iPhone when my carrier made them available.  Carrying two devices chafed on me almost as much as my inability to carry on any personal business on my Blackberry (which chafed on me to the extreme).

That I’ve slimmed down to one device is nothing short of a Godsend.  And the Good app provides me with virtually all the business-related information (email, calendar, contacts and corporate directory) I’m likely to need.  (On weekends these days, I tend to turn off the work notifications and check the Good app every couple of hours.)  This move is a no-brainer, in my opinion.  Having just one device on vacation was just delightful.  It was probably corporate hubris/arrogance/mismanagement by which RIMM never envisioned the need to give users an un-surveilled option (app) to handle their personal business.  Bad call.  Enter Good.  Exit RIMM.

Now, the one thing I am missing on my iPhone that I had on my Blackberry is Thomson ONE Mobile, a markets and news app that connects to one’s workstation and provides live quotes and news.  Shame on Thomson Reuters for not having an equivalent app for iPhone.  Are you kidding me?  They apparently have a decent app for the iPad — MarketBoard — but nothing for iPhone.  This is simply inexcusable, particularly given the fact that the iPhone preceded the iPad by what — 2+ years?  While they claim they’ve got something coming for iPhone later this year, that it’s already been absent for the past five is simply mind-numbing.

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