Military Spending Addenda

Barry posted some nice infographics last week relating to military spending.

Using the numbers in that post and some population estimates from the Population Reference Bureau, here’s a per capita look at defense spending for the 10 countries referenced:

The Top 10 spend about $1.23 trillion on defense.  Here’s a breakdown of who spends what on a percent-of-total basis:

And here’s how the United States (#1 with a bullet, pardon the pun) stacks up against numbers 2-10 on a per capita basis:

Adding: I see in comments some who are questioning the accuracy of the last chart. And I can certainly understand why. However, India has a population of 1.24 billion and a per capita defense spend of $30. China has a population of 1.35 billion and a per capita defense spend of $67. That’s 2.6 billion with a per capita of $49. So, while it may seem like an optical illusion, the fact is that those two population behemoths are skewing the numbers toward the low side, and the other seven can only pull it up to $80. Fun and games with numbers.

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