10 Monday AM Reads

Some reads to start your week:

• Surprise Increase in Interest Rates Is Credited to Signs of Recovery (NYT)
Cuban: Dont Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort (Blog Maverick)
• Evaluating ECRI’s Recession Call (Financial Sense) see also ECRI Explains Why Recession Is “Inevitable” (Financial Sense)
• Housing Bulls Aren’t So Far Out on a Limb (WSJ)
• Why banks will continue to rip off clients (Reuters) see also The Good, Bad and Ugly of Capitalism (NYT)
• Capital Gains vs. Ordinary Income (Economix)
• U.S. Made Profit on Mortgage Debt (WSJ) Excepting all the losses, it was a home run trade!
• Replay: what could Obama have done differently economically? (New Yorker)
• Spring Break Gets Tamer as World Watches Online (NYT)
• Da Vinci’s Heavenly Body (The American Scholar)

What are you reading?

Apple’s Dominance Is a Risk

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what could Obama have done differently

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