10 (Longer) Weekend Reads

Some Longer form reading to start your weekend:

• S&P 500 Caps Biggest Weekly Decline in 2012 on Economy (Bloomberg)
• The Great Bond Conundrum (Barron’s)
• Time to put the doomed euro out of its misery (Telegraph)
• A Little Independent Energy Experiment on the Prairie (Smithsonian) see also What’s wrong with corn ethanol? (BoingBoing)
• There’s No There There: Low Tax Rates and Economic Growth (Social Science Research Network) see also Britain’s Experience in Raising the Top Tax Rate (Economix)
• Clouds on Solar’s Horizon (NYT)
• Lawrence Lessig on How We Lost Our Democracy (Rolling Stone)
Born This Way: The new weird science of hardwired political identity. (NY Mag)
• Bonnie Raitt’s Amazing, Omnivorous, Adult-Contemporary Career (Atlantic)
• What Does It Mean to Be Human? (Brain Pickings)

What are you reading?
Copper Price Hits a 3-Month Low  

Source: WSJ

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