10 Mid-Week PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• How Investing Turns Nice People Into Psychopaths (The Atlantic)
• Has the Fed Boosted the Stock Market? (Northern Trust) see also The pros and cons of the Fed’s three options (FT Alphaville)
• Companies May Finally Be Starting to Spend That Cash (Businessweek)
• Investors, prepare for tax headache on cost basis (Market Watch)
• Peak Exorbitant Privilege (Fofoa)
• Apple proves two gadgets are better than one (Futurity) see also Google Will Abandon Android (Cek Log)
• States shush corporate critics (Salon)
• These Are The Prices AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Charge For Cellphone Wiretaps (Forbes)
• Beware of Budget Gimmickry (Economix)
• Flickr’s Digital Camera of Choice? iPhone (All Things D)

What are you reading?

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Hat tip Josh

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