10 Thursday PM Reads

My train reading for this afternoon

• Stocks Are Cheap vs Bonds? Logic Says Otherwise (Smart Money)
Baum: Geithner Takes Lead in BLS ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Bloomberg)
• Real Tax Rates of the Rich (Wealth Report)
• Anat Admati: More Bank Equity Is Needed (Institutional Investor) see also BofA Faces Bad Home-Equity Loans: (Bloomberg)
• Louisiana sues banks for RICO, Wire Fraud Racketeering due to MERS (mattweidnerlaw)
Duncan: Capitalism is dead, credit new king (Marketwatch)
• Pulitzer winner on Taxes: But Nobody Pays That (NYT)
• MBS Discovery Battles Heating Up, Impacting Litigation Timelines and Leverage (Subprime Shakeout) see also Why Entrepreneurs Should NOT Buy Homes (Tech Crunch)
• It’s Time to Upgrade Your Biological Software (Think Big)
LOL Chris Christie Denies Falling Asleep at Springsteen Show (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


Google Opens Up About Its Network  

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