10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reading material:

• NYAG: The Man the Banks Fear Most (American Prospect)
• Apple and the myth of “The Law of Large Numbers” (NetworkWorld)
• China’s Biggest Banks Are Squeezed for Capital (DealBook)
• ‘Tainted,’ but Still Serving on Corporate Boards (DealBook)
• Rentals Gone Wild (Naked Capitalism) see also Housing Sector – Why the Fed Depicts it as “Depressed” (Northern Trust)
• The Creative Monopoly (NYT)
• Euro crisis is not over. Just how surprised should you be? (Also Sprach Analyst)
• How the Media Has Shaped the Social Security Debate (Columbia Journalism Review) see also Social Security Fund to Run Out in 2035, Trustees Say (Bloomberg)
• Why Mitt Romney Won’t Take GOP Down Another VP Rabbit Hole (TPM)
• Rosen’s Trust Puzzler: What Explains Falling Confidence in the Press? (Press Think)

What are you reading?


‘Beats’ Get the Brush-Off

Source: WSJ


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