5 Most Useful Websites & Tools

Its funny how this happens: You are on the road, out of your comfort zone, and you come to realize some of your favorite tools and sites.

I am leaving out sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Finance, WordPress, Bloomberg, Google Docs, Twitter, etc. in favor of smaller entities.

These are my 5 most helpful sites:

FollowupThen.com An incredibly useful and easy service — send an email to FollowupThen to get an email reminder in the future. You can get specific as 12pmAug25@followupthen.com or as general as nextweek@followupthen.com. It works flawlessly.

Leemail.me puts a widget on a browser that allows me to create custom emails specific to any site. Lets say I want to sign up for something on funkysite.com, but I am reluctant to them my email address. Leemail creates an address that I can use — BR@ funkysite.leemail.me — that I can easily shut off (much easier than unsubscribing). And, if I get spam to that address, I know funkysite sold my address (and therefore must die).

DropBox: I assume most people are familiar with this — a free 2GB account is yours for the asking to store docs, PDFs, etc. I find myself using it more and more — client info, author photos, big files — it just works.

Instapaper: works well to create a library of articles I want to read later. It also allows my assistant Anna to easily help me create the Reads that grace these pages so often. Works great with an iPad as well.

Economagic.com gives me access to 1000s of economic data series and charts. Allows for fast and easy creation. FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) is another killer site that allows free access to different runs of economic numbers. Between the two of them, if you cannot find what you are looking for, you need to get a Bloomberg terminal.


Thats my fast five.


What are your favorite websites & tools?



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