Turn the New York Times into a Video Game

Yesterday, I read this article in the Sunday Magazine section about “Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games’ ” (Just One More Game…). I thought that would make for a good long form read for my Sunday’s curated “Reads” post.

While I was preparing my the reads, I find a cool interactive digital feature — the New York Times online lets you turn that column into a giant game of Asteroids:

(please excuse my single take, unrehearsed screen grab)

Pretty clever stuff, and it works very well with the article.

Everyone seems to be lamenting the death of Journalism. However, smart, interactive columns like this show that MSM can in fact adapt to the modern digital age. Yes, it is going to be a wrenching and painful process, especially to those who believe the future of media is simply going to be words on a page.

Some people have been lamenting the death of traditional media, but a few outlets (can’t call them papers any more) are doing it right. The NYT — and WSJ, Wired and others — have the talent, skill-sets, and budgets to keep pushing the art form forward.

I do not believe that Journalism is going to disappear (that would be terrible for our Democracy) but I do expect there will be very specific winners and losers.


UPDATE April 8, 2012 9:57am

The creator of that NYT Asteroids applet is Erik Rothoff Andersson — he is an 18 year old from Sweden!

The Asteroids jave applet can be embedded in any page.

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