10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• My interview with Wally Forbes: Buy ConocoPhillips, Keep An Eye On Walmart And EMC (Forbes)
• Why the Next Jobs Report Matters More Than the Last (Economix)
Farrell: 6 buys, 7 sells for the new Age of Austerity (Market Watch)
• Debunking goldbugs (FT.com) see also Gold Poised for Worst Monthly Run in 11 Years on Europe (Bloomberg)
• SEC: Taking on Big Firms is ‘Tempting,’ But We Prefer Picking on Little Guys (Rolling Stone)
• Facebook Fed The ‘Ignorant’ Masses An IPO Lite (Forbes) see also In case you still thought markets were efficient… (Mercenary Trader)
• The End of RIM: How BlackBerry Crumbled (The Fiscal Times)
• Freaks, Geeks and Microsoft (NYT)
• David Lynch (Animated Albums)
• Carl Sagan Tribute Series (YouTube)

What are you reading?


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