10 Tuesday AM Reads

My conference audience reads:

• Microsoft, Dividends and Stock Buybacks (Blog Maverick)
• Apple Is Doomed: The Phony Sony Parallel (Monday Note See also Why you can’t trust tech press to teach you about the tech industry (Anil Dash)
• In the picture: a short history of nationalisations (FT.com)
• The First Time Mortgage-Backed Securities Failed (Bloomberg)
• 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You (WSJ)
• The Legendary Paul Ryan (NY Mag) see also Gingrich’s Quest for Glory Ends as a Punch Line (Bloomberg)
• Navigating a Tightrope With Amazon (NYT)
• Air France Flight 447: ‘Damn it, we’re going to crash’ (The Telegraph)
• CNBC Is Freaking Out Because Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Ratings Are Terrible (Business Insider)
• Are Apple’s Tax Games Bad for America? (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?

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