10 Tuesday PM Reads

Afternoon Train Reading:

• Andreessen: There Is No Tech Bubble (And the Smartphone Is Still Under-Hyped) (Wired)
• The Stock Comparison Scoring Engine (Confessions of a Macro Contrarian)
• There is an alternative to austerity (The Economist) see also Death of a Fairy Tale (NYT)
• Falling Labor Force Participation (Conversable Economist)
• The rich are different than you and me: They spend more. (Washington Post) see also Hamptons Home Prices Rise as Buyers Prefer Luxury Deals (Bloomberg)
• Bonus Watch 2007: This Is How Much Every Lehman Brothers IBD Associate, VP, And Senior VP Got Paid In 2007 (Deal Breaker)
• Sean Egan’s Mistake Was Seeking U.S. Government Blessing (Bloomberg)
• Can There Be a Decent Center? What a Worthwhile Third Party Would Look Like (The New Republican) see also Romney Walks into Obama’s Bin Laden Trap (New Yorker)
• Bruce Bartlett: Taxes and Employment (Economix)
• Way Back When “Politicizing” Terrorist Deaths Was OK (Media Matters)

What are you reading?

A Summer Rally Really Would Mean a Lot

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