In Retrospect, It Was No Joke

Rosenberg, exactly 5 years ago today in May 2007:
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Invictus here.

In my Barron’s Big Money post, I mentioned attending a small dinner in October 2007 at which David Rosenberg was the speaker. In comments, Hamann asked if I could provide any additional insight into what he had shared that night.

While I cannot produce his presentation from that evening, I have found, and posted in Think Tank, his 55-page deck from May 2007. This report is exactly 5 years old today.

There are many interesting slides –¬† Page 8 for starters. And virtually the entire section on the housing market, Page 27 in particular. The whole deck is worth a browse. (I’m considering updating as many charts as I can to incorporate the last five years; should be an interesting exercise. Will post here if/when I get that done.)

In keeping with Rosie’s devilish sense of humor, the deck’s title – Soft Now, Hard Later? (referring, of course, to economic “landings”) – got meetings off on a lighthearted note (about the only lighthearted part of those meetings), as the requisite Pfizer/Viagra jokes circulated among a giggling audience. That was about the extent of what they found humorous once the session got underway. And, for the record, word came from on high that the title was too provocative and needed to be changed, which it was. Absolutely no sense of humor in those ivory towers.



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