10 Sunday Reads

Pour  yourself a cup of Joe, and enjoy some steaming hot Sunday morning reads . . .

• C.E.O. Pay Is Rising Despite the Din (NYT)
• What Facebook Knows (Technology Review)
• The New Hedge-Fund Clones (Barron’s)
• The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy (Bronte Capital)
• Noise and Signal — Nassim Taleb (Farnam Street)
Welcome to America, Please Be On Time: What Guide Books Tell Foreign Visitors to the U.S. (Atlantic)
• Behind Historic Preservation, a Surreal History (Chronicle)
• What Your Klout Score Really Means (Wired)
Carl Zimmer: I Point To TED Talks and I Point to Kim Kardashian. That Is All. (Download The Universe)
• Books ain’t music (Rough Type)

What are you reading?


Iranian Nuclear Progress

Source: NYT

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