10 Sunday Reads

Some articles worth your time on a Sunday morning:

• Mario Monti: we have a week to save the eurozone (The Guardian)
• On the varieties of capital arbitrage (Deus Ex Macchiato)
• The Fall of the Creative Class (Thirty Two Mag)
Anatole Kaletsky: A New Capitalism (The Browser)
• Chinese Data Mask Depth of Slowdown, Executives Say (NYT)
• States Face Pressure on Pension Shortfalls (WSJ)
• America’s long slope down (Reuters)
• Washington Mutual’s Former Chief Takes Issue With Book’s Portrayal (DealBook)
Shiller: Reviving Real Estate Requires Collective Action (NYT) see also Americans Sees Biggest Home Equity Jump In 60 Years: Mortgages (Bloomberg)
• Middle class could face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds (Washington Post)

What are you reading?


Young families fall even farther behind in saving

Source: Economic Policy Institute

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