10 Friday AM Reads

Reads to start your Friday morn off:

• IMF loses all faith in the euro project (Telegraph) see also Euro Falls Versus Most Major Peers Before Confidence Data (Bloomberg)
• LUCK, & HELPFUL ILLUSIONS (Stumbling And Mumbling)
• Housing: Not So Fast (Northern Trust) see also Why the bright spot in housing won’t save the economy (Fortune)
• Plotting a Securitization Sequel (WSJ)
• World braced for new food crisis (FT.com) see also Corn Prices Hit All-Time High; Time to Harvest Profits in ETFs? (WSJ)
• The end of decoupling (Foreign Policy)
Bartlett: Will Defense Cuts Kill the Anti-Tax Pledge? (The Fiscal Times) see also Top 2% Not Job Creators Or Millionaires In Tax Debate (Bloomberg)
Why does this look so familiar? Manipulation of California energy market gives consumers a jolt (LA Times)
• Old Records Are Outselling New Ones for the First Time (OC Weekly)
• Poll: John Roberts more popular among liberals than conservatives (CBS News)

What are you reading?’

U.S. Speeds Its Selloff of Bailout Securities

Source: WSJ

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