10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

Bubbles and Bailouts: Why Some Economists Failed (The Fiscal Times)
• Idle cash piles up (Reuters)
• “Everyone Only Wants Temps” (MoJo)
• Yahoo’s Mayer Takes Google Product Prowess to Turnaround Bid (Bloomberg)
• Germany’s Leading Role in Weakening the Euro (Spiegel.de)
Government Spending and the Economy (Economix) but see Public Sector Jobs Beget Private Sector Ones (Jared Bernstein)
• Friends of a Certain Age: Why you don’t form many friendships after 30: (NYT)
• Washington to New York City in 60 minutes by train (Washington Post)
• Neil Barofsky, the Democrat Taking Digs at Obama (Businessweek)
• Pay Too Much (Allen Tucker)

What are you reading?


Goldman Builds Private Bank

Source: WSJ

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