10 Weekend Reads

Some longer form columns for your weekend reading pleasure:

• Coming: The End of Fiat Money  Stephanie Pomboy, founder of MacroMavens, sees the world hurtling toward a day in which money will again be backed by gold or other hard assets. Until then, she also sees plenty of trouble  (Barron’s)
• For UBS, a Record of Averting Prosecution (NYT)
• Thomas Frank: Can Art Drive the Economy?  (The Baffler)
• When everything’s for sale (Times Literary Supplement)
• His Man in Macau: Inside the Investigation Into Sheldon Adelson’s Empire (Frontline)
• Confessions of an Ex-Mormon: A personal history of America’s most misunderstood religion. (The New Republican)
• The Truth About Human Nature (The New Atlantis)
• Dreaming of a World With No Intellectuals: Are conservative intellectuals anti-intellectual? (Chronicle)
• Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama? (Forbes)
• Once Upon a Time: The lure of the fairy tale (New Yorker)

What are you reading?

How accurate are the IMF’s forecasts?

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