10 Monday AM Reads

Back in the saddle! My early morning reading:

• Blood in the water (Economist) see also As Libor Fault-Finding Grows, It Is Now Every Bank for Itself (DealBook)
• Monti Calls For More Crisis-Fighting Urgency In ECB Standoff (Bloomberg)
• Why Do We Keep Swooning Over Failed Bankers? (Pro Publica)
• Cocaine Cowboys Know Best Places to Bank (Bloomberg)
• Why Washington Accepts Mass Unemployment (NY Mag)
• A Password So Secure, You Don’t Even Know What It Is (Businessweek)
• Next Act in Software Will See Microsoft Play to Its Strengths (WSJ)
• The Story of Steve Jobs: An Inspiration or a Cautionary Tale? (Wired)
• Human cycles: History as science (Nature)
• Luck vs. Skill: Seeking the Secret of Your Success (NYT)

What are you reading?


Never very popular in late-stage bull markets

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