10 Thursday PM Reads

Afternoon train reading:

• Adventures in tea-party cognitive dissonance: We need a new aircraft carrier group (The Economist)
• September is dangerous: A Body of Evidence? (Market Anthropology)
• Beliefs Drive Investors More Than Preferences (Science Daily) see also What Dilemma? Moral Evaluation Shapes Factual Belief (SPPS)
• What is Value? What is Money? (Edge)
• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Valuation Delayed Before Sale (Bloomberg) see also More on Wall Street …severance and pay (Crain’s New York)
• Okun’s Law is doing fine (Naked Keynesianism)
• Jeb Bush Slams Republican Anti-Immigrant Stance As Loser (Bloomberg)
• Exploding Stars May Drive Galactic-Scale Superwinds (Sci News)
• On the goodness of Beeminder (Overcoming Bias)
• 12 Hilarious Reviews Of A Pen Just For Women (BuzzFeed)

Why aren’t you in work?


Wall Street’s Finest at Work

Source: WSJ

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