10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday reading material:

• The Danger in Dividend Stocks (Barron’s)
• There’s a Verdict in Apple v. Samsung – Damages $1,049,343,540 (Groklawsee also Apple decisively wins Samsung trial: what it means (The Verge)
“Great quarter, guys” — Wall Street’s Finest at Work (WSJ)
• Interview w Rob Arnott: Emerging Markets Still Look Good (Index Universe)
• The Cheapest Generation (The Atlantic) see also Household income is below recession levels, report says (Washington Post)
• The winners and losers of QE, by the BoE (FT Alphaville)
• Judge Posner’s Remarkable New Ideas About Taxation, Regulation, and the Constitution (Slate)
• How The BoE Is Making The Rich Even Richer (Sky.comsee also Britain’s richest 5% gained most from quantitative easing – Bank of England (Guardian)
• Five Things Government Does Better Than You Do (The American Prospect)
Hot Wings: Take one of History Flight’s vintage warbirds for a spin (WSJ)

What are you reading?


Gold: Waiting for the Rally

Source: WSJ

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