10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Wall Street Pros Tell Us The #1 Thing That Could Wreck This Rally (Business Insider)
• The Truth About Taxes: Just About Everyone Pays Them (Hamilton Project)
see also Some Big Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Either (Economix)
• Low-Water Mark (Hussman Funds)
• Draghi Euro Humbles Thought Leaders Seeing End of Union (Bloomberg) see also Helicopter Ben to QE3 Rescue (Investing Caffeine)
• Apple Reaches $700 as IPhone 5 Shatters Sales Record (Bloomberg)
• Paring 401(k) Expenses (NYT)
• The Romney Video is the latest unforced error from a bumbling campaign; the response has been swift and brutal:
…..-Thurston Howell Romney (NYT)
…..-Romney Stands by Government-Dependent ‘Victims’ Remark (Bloomberg)
…..-Devastating (Talking Points Memo)
…..-Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election (Bloomberg)

• Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say (Yahoo News)
• 10 awesome things you didn’t know about ‘Married… With Children’ (Death And Taxes)
• David Byrne on How Music and Creativity Work (Brain Pickings)

What are you reading?


Payout Appreciation

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