TBP: Teach a Man to Fish . . .

We have our annual TBP Conference next week, and I wanted to take a moment to discuss what makes this event so different from most of the conferences you see advertised.

When you see events like this week’s Value Investor or the annual Ira Sohn Conference, the emphasis is on BUY THIS or SELL THAT. Its almost always a parade of manager’s and their supposed best ideas. I can give you 1000 war stories on this, but that is not how people make money in the markets. If it were, the audiences of financial TV programs would be filthy rich.

What makes much more sense is to have a series of experts with a demonstrated expertise in a given aspect of investing share their process with you. Whether its muni bonds, macro-economics, Europe, quantitative analytics, trading, technicals, behavioral economics, or even politics, hearing from the pros who have navigated treacherous waters is instructive.

We have a terrific event planned for next week — I am looking forward to meeting those of you who can make it. There are still a few discounted seats left courtesy of Bloomberg (go to this link).


The full schedule is after the jump





8:00  Registration and Breakfast in the Atrium

8:30   Introductions

8:45   Neil Barosfsky


9:30   Dylan Grice in conversation with Rich Yamarone

          A Great Disorder Comes

10:15  –break–

10:30 James O’Shaugnessy

           What Works on Wall Street

11:15 Barry Ritholtz


12:00 Lunch sponsored by TD Ameritrade served in the Atrium


1:00  David Rosenberg

         Risks, Challenges and … Opportunities

1:45  Jim Bianco

2:30  Michael Belkin

3:15 –break–

3:30  Bill Gurtin

         Municipal Bonds

4:15  Sal Arnuk, Scott Patterson & Josh Brown

         High Frequency Trading and Its Discontents 


5:00 Wine & Cheese served in the Atrium

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