10 Midweek PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

QE4 acomin: Fed Likely to Keep Buying Bonds (WSJ)
• The Investor Is Fleeing, and Other Market Myths (Businessweek)
• Irving Fisher, the First Celebrity Finance Professor (Echoes)
Maths is hard: Why playing Powerball once is enough (MarketWatch)
• HP’s Deal from Hell: The mark-it-up and write-it-down two-step (AswathDamodaran) see also HP-Autonomy: A Red-Ink Bath for Everyone (jamesrpeterson)
• Into the vault: the operation to rescue Manhattan’s drowned internet (The Verge)
• The Real Problem with Simpson and Bowles (Esquire)
White Twitter? My Anthropological Voyage Into White Twitter (Thought Catalog)
• Sign Your Fiduciary Declaration Now and Tell Mary Schapiro You Want Action (Forbes)
Review: Assholes: A Theory (Macleans.ca)

What are you reading?


Shares Hit 4-Year Low In China

Source: WSJ

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