10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Charlie Rose Talks to Jeremy Grantham (Businessweek)
• How Academic Research Destroys Stock Values (The Chronicle) see also Cash as Trash, Cash as King, and Cash as a Weapon (CFA Institute)
• Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems (Technology Review)
Felix: Hero of the day, CPDO edition (Thomas Reuters) see also Goldman urges Supreme Court to end mortgage class-action (Thomas Reuters)
• Hard-hit by sanctions, Iran suspends 20-percent uranium enrichment (Al Arabiya News)
• Obama Stock Market’s Low Volatility Favors Incumbents (Bloomberg) see also Did Hurricane Sandy Blow Romney Off Course? (Five Thirty Eight)
• Where Voter-ID Laws May Decide the Election (The Root)
• Answer Three ‘Why’ Questions: Abstract Thinking Can Make You More Politically Moderate (Science Daily) see also Difficult-To-Read Font Reduces Political Polarity (Science Daily)
• Severe gas shortage relief in sight (Crains NY)
• Hurricane Sandy and Twitter as a self-cleaning oven for news (Gigaom) see also Disruptions: Twitter’s Uneasy Role in Guarding the Truth (Bits)

What are you reading?



Economist commodity-price index II

Source: Economist

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