Non-Political Lessons from 2012 Election


On Wednesday, I jotted down a few takeaways from the election that were applicable to investors and people running businesses. Really, it was for any one with an interest in learning from the misstep of others.

I liked the idea so much I decided to expand it for my Sunday Washington Post Business Section column. It was not about schadenfreude; rather, this is an inexpensive form of tuition, letting other organizations make strategic, cognitive and tactical errors that you can learn from. These include both of the candidates, the media, the consultants, the GOP primary candidates, some of the major memes of the campaign, a bit of philosophy, and a few words about money.

Called simply Lessons from 2012 Election, it discusses the various non-political lessons that can be derived from the entire season and applied to investors and business leaders.

Here are the 10 :

Lessons from 2012 Election

1. Process, not outcome, is what matters
2. Do your homework and practice
3. Think deeply before you speak
4. Avoid clichés
5. Don’t live in a bubble
6. Have influential allies
7. Be true to yourself
8. Choose your business partners well
9. It takes more than money
10. It helps to make your own luck

Note the focus is Non-Political lessons; I will let the politicos handle the specific getting elected related takeaways themselves. >

I still cannot access the print version, so if anyone can send me a PDF of G6, it would be appreciated. I’d like to see what the Post did with the dead tree version of it.>


Lessons from the 2012 election
Barry Ritholtz
Washington Post, November 11, 2012

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