Louis C.K. at Paley Center for Media

Louis C.K., stand-up comic, writer, director, and actor, is interviewed by James Poniewozik, journalist and television critic best known for his Time Magazine Tuned In column and blog with the same name.

Part I, Poniewozik asks the iconic comedian about his work on the hit show Louie.
Part II he talks about bad dates, his mother’s view on God, and his baseball pitching approach to comedy writing.
Part III, about money, alcohol, and his unusual deal with FX
Part IV, about the unique freedom he has in his writing process and his love/hate relationship with social media and his critics.
Part V, Louis answers questions from the audience about cutting his teeth as an editor and videographer and the delicate balance of censorship versus irreverence
Part VI Louis discusses his early years with the Dana Carvey show and how much improv takes place on the Louis set.
Part VII Louis says there are no jobs in hollywood and that God gave him the middle finger.

Recorded at The Paley Center for Media in New York City on November 3, 2010 with an introduction by David Bushman, television curator at The Paley Center for Media.

Videos after the jump

“There’s Something Wrong with Me I Think”, Part 1

“If Enough People Say That, I’ll Get Canceled”, Part 2

“That’s What Alcohol Does to Famous People”, Part 3

“I Google Myself Too Much I Think”, Part 4

Louis C.K. – “It’s Over Because of Jesus”, Part 5

Louis C.K. Discusses The Dana Carvey Show, Part 6

Louis C.K. – “Life is too Short to be an A$$hole”, Part 7

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