Must Read: Mervyn King’s “Unpublished” Speech

For some reason, this week’s Mervyn King speech at the Economic Club of NY remains unpublished by the Bank of England. They apparently are not as transparent as the US Central Bank, who seems to publish every Fed Governor Speech the moment they begin to speak.

While we appreciate Sir Mervyn King’s eloquence and arguments, we are perplexed by the lack of pu8blication of what was to all other indications a public speech made to a room of journalists and market participants.

Well, that is not how we roll here in the colonies. As a a public service, and a continuation of the 236 year struggle to free ourselves from some of the odder rulings of British Society, we present to you Sir King’s complete and unedited speech in text form so it is Google searchable.

Sure, we have a special relationship with England, but major policy speeches given here by elected or appointed government officials are usually considered public domain works. (Note that the The Economic Club of New York finally posted a PDF of the speech here).


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