10 Monday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Is a New Bull Market Here? (Barron’s)
Escaping the Fear Factory (TRBversus Time bomb to market meltdown ticks louder (MarketWatch)
• Goodbye, Anecdotes! The Age Of Big Data Demands Real Criticism (The Awl)
•  Is Finance Too Big? (The Grumpy Economist) see also How much value does the finance industry create? (Noah Opinion)
• The Mind’s Compartments Create Conflicting Beliefs (Scientific American)
• Taxing by John Cassidy  (New Yorker) see also How to Owe Capital-Gains Taxes Without Even Trying (WSJ)
• Unlucky (Lame) Ducks? Second terms aren’t always a disaster. Many presidents have had significant wins (WSJ)
• The Trend Against Skeuomorphic Textures and Effects in User Interface Design (Daring Fireball) see also Facebook’s Other Big Disruption (Bits)
• Lack Of Up-To-Date Research Complicates Gun Debate (NPR)
• In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins (Gallup) wtf?! Gallup Poll: 58% of Republicans Are Young Earth Creationists (Little Green Footballs)

What are you reading?


Overbought and Oversold Markets

Source: Global Macro Monitor

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