10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning reads:

Warren ♥ Banks: Buffett Says Banks Cleared of Excess Risk Pose No Threat to U.S. (Bloomberg)
Not exactly: Five Brutal Years Teach Investors to Sit Tight (Businessweek)
• Doug Kass: 15 Surprises for 2013 (Real Money)
• New Target in Finger-Pointing Over Housing Bubble (DealBook)
• Button-Down Central Bank Bets It All (WSJ)
• Mediocrity Strikes Again (The Capital Spectator) see also The Arithmetic of Active Management (Stanford)
• The platinum coin idea is idiotic. That is the point. (Wonkblog)
• A Bold Dissenter at the Fed, Hoping His Doubts Are Wrong (NYT) see also Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Gamble With Bernanke Bucks (Huffington Post)
Bill Gates: The optimist’s timeline (live mint)
• America’s staggering defense budget, in charts (Wonkblog)

What are you reading?



The appreciating renminbi

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