10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon reads:

• 10 Secrets About Wall Street’s New Top Cop (The Fiscal Times) see also Obama sends tough prosecutor to police Wall Street (MarketWatch)
• Irrational Pessimism Eats Away at Apple Stock (The Fiscal Times)
• Buffett pulls ahead in wager against hedge funds (Fortune)
• The looming currency war (Reuters) see also Japan spurs talk of currency war (CNNMoney)
• Microsoft Holds More Than Meets the Eye (WSJ)
• Debt-to-GDP and Misdiagnosing a Bubble Economy’s Ills (Iacono Research)
• How Fed Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Zero (Bloomberg) see also Economists Give Abenomics Early Thumbs Up (Japan Realtime)
• Tax-Boost Bark Is Worse Than Bite (WSJ)
• Will you leave your job to join the sharing economy? (Venture Beat)
• Aetna CEO: We Use Google to Track Flu Outbreaks (PC Mag)

What are you reading?


The Most Important Graph on the Deficit

Source: Next New Deal

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