10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Tuesday morning travelin’ reads:

• Are Mom and Pop Heading for Wall Street? (WSJ)
• How we got here (The Economist) see also Why financial markets are inefficient (VOX)
• New Secular Bull: Yes or No? (The Reformed Broker)
• Before the Fall: Disaster Myopia at the Fed (The New Yorker) see also The real surprise in the Fed’s 2007 transcripts: How much they knew, how little they understood (Wonkblog)
• The View from the Top: Gundlach, TCW and MetWest (MPI Research Corner)
• Inflation Hawks Are Waging War Against Their Own Hallucinations (The Atlantic)
• Biotech Catches Eye of Bill Gates (WSJ)
• The Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect (Spencer Weart & American Institute of Physics) see also Impact of Climate Change Is Hitting Home, U.S. Report Finds (Scientific American)
• NASA’s Kepler suggests 17 billion Earth-sized planets in Milky Way (The Raw Story)

• How to Think About Our Steroid Supermen (The New Atlantis)

What are you reading?

Speech Signals a President Set to Fight Over New To-Do List

Source: WSJ

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