The 10 Biggest Trends in Finance Today

In case you missed my Sunday Washington Post Business column yesterday: Its called 10 trends to watch in finance for 2013, I look at the major trends currently driving the world of finance.

Most people do not think about what just occurred because they are too busy guessing about the future. This is a mistake.

The 10 overall trends are:

1. ETFs are eating everything.
2. Financial sector continues to shrink (advisers leaving large firms)
3. Increased pressure on fees and commissions.
4. Hedge fund troubles (legal + performance)
5. Dispersal of financial news away from MSM.
6. Demographics = huge driver.
7. The death of Buy-&-Hold has been greatly exaggerated.
8. What Hyper-Inflation?
9. Has Bond Bull Market Ended? Are Rates Spiking?
10. The Fed (+ other Central Banks) still hold the system together.

I know I omitted some items — Socially Responsible Investing, HFT, etc. — but I wanted to focus on the 10 I thought were having the biggest impact.


10 trends to watch in finance for 2013
Barry Ritholtz
Washington Post January 12 2012

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