10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morn. Here is your pre-Oscar party reading material:

• Nate Silver: Oscar Predictions, Election-Style (538) see also Inside the Oscar Playbooks (WSJ)
• Are rates mispriced or are investors missing something? (FT Alphaville)
• You’re Not as Good an Investor as You Think You Are (WSJ) see also Questioning the Motives Behind Your Financial Decisions (Bucks)
• How Google Stole Apple’s Thunder And Became Everyone’s Favorite Tech Company Again (SF Chron)
• Is Dell Pulling a Fast One? (Barron’s) see also Dell’s Intentions Get a Hard Look (NYT)
• Tactical ETF Review: 2.11.2013 (The Capital Spectator)
• The End of Growth Wouldn’t Be the End of Capitalism (The Atlantic) see also Capitalism is so broken it can’t be fixed (MarketWatch)
• What Our Brains Can Teach Us (NYT)
• ‘Bailout’: Neil Barofsky’s Adventures in Groupthink City (Taibblog) see also Justice Department’s New Get-Tough Policy Is, Well, Not (Taibblog)
Hilarious: Kate Upton and Ryan Gosling Explain the Sequester (Gawker)

What are you doing for brunch today?


Payroll Tax, Expensive Gas, Stagnant Wages Bite Consumers

Source: WSJ

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