10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Money Matters: A bull-and-bear naturalist (Winnipeg Free Press) [ridiculously nice profile of yours truly]
• The Question You Should Be Asking About the Stock Market (Bucks)
• The deadly quest for safety (Coppola Comment) see also The Constant Correction Call (The Reformed Broker)
• Michael Lewis: The Trouble with Wall Street — shocking news that Goldman Sachs is greedy (New Republic)
• Too Big to Fail Too Hard to Fix Amid Calls to Curb Banks (Bloomberg) see also UK prepares new law to break up errant banks (Reuters)
• More than one way to rebalance Portfolios (Morningstar)
• U.S. Accuses S&P of Fraud in Suit on Loan Bundles (DealBook) see also S&P expects U.S. lawsuit over pre-crisis credit ratings (Reuters)
• Unplugged: Why is Michael Dell buying back his company? (USA Today)
• Silicon Valley’s Favorite Stories (Bits) see also Paul Kedrosky Has A Fascinating Theory About What Has Gone Wrong At Apple (Business Insider)
OMG, this is hilarious! Hitchhiker uses hatchet to save woman from crazy attacker, gives best NSFW interview ever (philly.com)

What are you reading?


Global Stockmarket Performance

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