10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Bridgewater Bets on Stocks as Cash Moves Into Market (Bloomberg)
• Losses mounting in bank bailouts (MarketWatch)
• How Overpriced Were Stocks in 1929? (Crossing Wall Street) see also This is not 1994 (FT Alphaville)
Bartlett: The Growing Corporate Cash Hoard (Economix)
• Trash Talk Haunts Barclays Traders in Manipulation Probe (Bloomberg)
• Miami Dolphins’ $400 Million SunLife Stadium Renovation Subsidy to Go Before Voters (World Property Channel)
• Mr. Market’s Abnormal Relations: An Update (The Capital Spectator)
• Fixing Medicare: Start By Eliminating Drug Makers’ Sweetheart Deal, Not Benefits (Wendell Potter)
• Storm psychology: Why do some people stay behind? (NBCNews) see also National Hurricane Center Report On Sandy (Talking Points Memo)
• How to Deflect Killer Asteroids With Spray Paint (Wired)

What are you reading?


Q4 Earnings Outpacing Estimates

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