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Each month, I seem to run out of data on my (allegedly) unlimited Verizon data plan.

The reason for this is simple: By the time I get out the door each morning, I invariably have not taken my iPad out of my bag since the previous evening. I settle in for my commute, and that’s when I start the process of downloading mail, PDFs, Tweets, etc.

I want an app that does the following:

Each morning at a preset time, it awakens the iPad. It updates a variety of apps in the warm bosom of my WiFi, including:

-Google Voice

Plus my media consumption of:

-TBP Mobile
-Any Podcasts I subscribe to

And syncs my updated calendar and contacts.

There is simply no reason to pay for the cellular bandwidth for this other than my writing takes precedence over my remembering to sync all of this.

Any suggestions as to how to script this? It seems like it should be pretty easy — even part of the IOS software.


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